EA1N & EA2 Scottish Power | DCO Examinations

Scottish Power’s DCO’s for EA1N & EA2  offshore wind farms are currently undergoing examination. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation the hearings are taking place virtually. 

PINs The Planning Inspectorate has published the final Rule 8 Letter on the 12th October 2020 and this includes full details of the examination, key dates and the agenda for the hearings: PINs Rule 8 Letter EA1N & EA2 DCOs

Members of the public and stakeholders can watch the examination live online or via recordings published shortly after live events.

The Planning Inspectorate is sending out email reminders with a link and invitation to watch each hearing live online. If you have a speaking slot you will also receive a link to join the Microsoft Teams conference. It is important if you are speaking to sign in to the conference early in order to register and complete a short pre-hearing briefing and camera/audio test. 

EA1N & EA2 DCO's - Examination Timetable & Calendar

EA1N & EA2 DCO's 'Open Floor Hearing' Recordings

Issue Specific Hearings - ISH Agendas & Recordings

ISH3 Tuesday 19 January AM – Biodiversity and Habitats Regulations Assessment

ISH 4 Tuesday 19 January PM – Onshore environment, construction, transport and operational effects (including flooding, noise light and air quality) will extend to Wednesday 20 January if needed.

ISH5 Thursday 21 January – Social, economic, land and sea use effects.

SASES Submissions to EA1N & EA2 DCO Examinations

View EA1N DCO Application Documents on the PINs website here >> 
View EA2 DCO Application Documents on the PINs website here >> 

Note: Use the ‘filter’ search box to find any documents e.g. if you are looking for 6.1.20 type 6.1.20 into the filter search box to get corresponding files/documents. 

EA1N DCO ‘Relevant Representations’ – Key Submissions from stakeholders
SASES – Submitted Relevant Representations
East Suffolk District Councils Relevant Representations (Draft) 

View all submitted relevant representations on the PINs website here >>>