Scottish Power have submitted DCO applications for EA1N & EA2 projects asserting their intention to proceed with dangerous and damaging plans to build massive industrial substations at Grove Wood, Friston in Suffolk. Scottish Power’s proposals will destroy the character of Friston village. If DCO’s are granted the proposals will also devastate a large area of the Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB, causing irreparable damage to tourism which is so vital to Suffolk’s coastal communities – #STOPScottishPower


The virtual examinations commence Wednesday 16th September with the ‘Preliminary Meeting’ – Published agenda >>
The Preliminary Meeting sets out what will be included in the OFH’s (Open Floor Hearings) and provides you with an opportunity to raise issues that should be explored in the OFH’s. You can view the Preliminary Meeting in real time, a link to the livestream will be published on the PINS project web pages on Tuesday 15 September 2020.
If you wish to contribute verbally you will need to request to join via MS Teams   

OFH’s 1, 2 & 3 run from Wednesday 7th October to Friday 9th October
Interested Parties wishing to speak at these hearings should have pre-registered with the Planning Inspectorate via the Involvement Form – You can contact PINs help desk on 0303 444 5000



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East Anglia One North – EA1N – PINS DCO APPLICATION >>
East Anglia Two – EA2 – PINS DCO APPLICATION >>

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Scottish Power EA1N & EA2
DCO Application Timeline

  • 22nd November 2019 – The Planning Inspectorate (PINS) accepted Scottish Power’s DCO applications for EA1N & EA2 wind farm projects. 
  • ‘Pre-Examination’ – Application documents are available for the public to review and study on the PINS website and locally at libraries and village halls.
  • ‘Relevant Representations’ – Submission of your personal views and concerns
  • ‘Examination Phase’ – As set out in the Rule 6 Letter 
    • ‘Preliminary Meeting’ Scheduled – Wednesday 16 September 2020 (10am) & Tuesday 6 October 2020 (if required).
    • ‘Open Floor Hearings’ – Wednesday 7th October, Thursday 8th October & Friday 9th October.
    • ‘Written Representations’ – Submission deadline 2nd November.

‘Examination Phase’ – if you submitted Relevant Representations you are eligible to attend these meetings and you will have an opportunity to speak and submit your views and concerns in more detail as the DCO’s are examined. 


Latest News

Offshore Transmission Review – BEIS Announcement   – 15th July 2020
Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy is to review the offshore transmission network and how wind farms and inter-connectors can be most effectively connected to the UK grid …SASES will press for EA1N & EA2 projects to be part of this review as there cannot be a precedent for needless development in the countryside next to Friston village ….more info

SASES – 11 June 2020
Norfolk MPs lobby Kwasi Kwarteng, Energy Minister at BEIS on issues around offshore wind farms and how they connect to the onshore grid, to avoid Energy Firms having to dig up the (Norfolk) countryside for separate onshore cable corridors and substations for each new Wind Farm …more info – 2 June 2020
The UK government has refused planning permission for Vattenfall’s up to 340MW Thanet 2 wind farm off the south-east coast of England …more info

Eastern Daily Press – 2 June 2020
Ofgem to look into an offshore ring main (ORM) to avoid Energy Firms having to dig up the (Norfolk) countryside for separate onshore cable corridors and substations in order to link each new Wind Farm to the National Grid …more info

Planning Inspectorate asks for your views on plans for virtual DCO meetings & hearings, SASES send letter to examiners expressing concerns …more info

Wildlife in lockdown – The badger set at Grove Wood shows how wildlife is thriving, however many are concerned about the impact Scottish Power’s proposals will have on local wildlife and ecology …more info

More News

EA1N & EA2 DCO’s – Lead Examiner has announced Scottish Power failed to advertise/promote the fixed date of the commencement of Hearings

Rhyd Smith confirmed SPR failed to provide requisite press, public and site notices to meet the specified 21-day period …more info

Register to speak at Preliminary Meeting  & Issue Specific Hearings 1&2  – Deadline 10th March
SASES & Friston PC have sent out a newsletter to Friston residents, it is a useful guide for anyone planning to attend hearings/meetings …view newsletter 

24th February 2020 – SASES learns of National Grids plans for even more energy projects for Sizewell/Leiston/Friston …more info

23rd February 2020 – Over 800 ‘Relevant Representations’ published on PINs website for each of Scottish Power’s DCOs EA1N & EA2 …more info

Community & campaigners attend the cabinet meeting at East Suffolk to hear committee discuss SPR’s DCO applications for EA1N & EA2 proposals …more info

4th January 2020 – Friston Community Day & Presentation …see a recorded video here  

32 Suffolk Parish Councils call for Secretary of State at BEIS to urgently review east Suffolk energy proposals and for immediate suspension of EA1N & EA2 DCO’s …more info 

TRENDING ….East Anglian Daily Times – A series of investigative reports from lead columnist Andrew Hirst looking at energy proposals and the effects on the AONB & Suffolk Coastal communities …more info

ELECTION 2019 – What do the Suffolk Coastal candidates think about the energy proposals ……find out here …more info

Secretary of State will review energy proposals environmental impact – Norfolk MP George Freeman has announced Andrea Leadsom has committed to review the impact of proposals on the Norfolk & Suffolk coast …more info

SASES & Friston PC send report to Planning Inspectorate  – The report provides details and supporting evidence of the failures in SPRs pre-application planning & consultations …more info

DCO applications submitted – DCO applications for EA1N & EA2 wind farms submitted to PINS …more info

Friston hit by flooding – Friston suffers floods illustrating why SPRs proposals at Grove Wood are unacceptable …more info

SEAS Campaign launched – Suffolk residents and businesses fight to protect their communities and the Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB from unprecedented industrial damage  

Suffolk Coast DMO – Suffolk marketing organisation’s survey reveals considerable economic impact of energy proposals on local tourism …more info

Scottish Power EA2 EA1N Substation Friston Montage

Scottish Power Renewables a UK subsidiary of Iberdrola propose to build massive wind farm substations in open countryside in rural Suffolk. Scottish Power, a company which boasts about its ‘Green’ credentials threatens to turn open fields into one of Europes biggest wind farm substations or ‘Energy Hubs’.

Wind energy has many benefits however communities in East Suffolk and the Suffolk Coast have learnt that ‘Green energy’ from offshore wind could have dire consequences for small peaceful Suffolk communities. 

Windfarm substations require huge industrial buildings and compounds. If planning is granted for Scottish Powers Energy Hub north of Friston it would set a precedent which could threaten the Suffolk countryside. The proposed cable corridor alone would require trenching and haul roads 60m wide, running 10km from Thorpeness across the AONB through Aldringham, Knodishall and Friston. The substations themselves would devastate a greenfield site and destroy the character and appeal of Friston village. 

This part of Suffolk is enjoyed by well over 8 million tourists annually. It is loved and respected by those who choose to live here. Scottish Power & others plan to make the Suffolk Coast – ‘The Energy Coast’ this shows a complete disregard for the towns, villages and open countryside that make the area so special. Numerous energy proposals including EDFs (Sizewell C/D) , SPRs onshore development for off shore wind farms and National Grid Ventures (Interconnectors Nautilus & Eurolink) could destroy the character of this part of the Suffolk Coast for ever.

The benefits WILL NEVER outweigh the devastation and destruction caused by these projectsIf we don’t stand up for ‘Our Suffolk’ we will loose it forever! Let us all act with a united voice, communities in East Suffolk & The Suffolk Coast. Say ‘NO’ to Scottish Power! #STOPScottishPower #SAVEEastSuffolk 


Protected areas devastated Suffolk Coast AONB & Sandlings SSI
+ km of cable trenches up to 64m wide
+ acres of countryside concreted over & industrialised
+ metre high buildings in huge industrial compounds

35+ acres of industrial buildings and concrete over a greenfield site in the countryside.

Just a few hundred metres from Friston Village, villagers homes and listed property including the Grade II* listed church which dates back to the 14th century.
The substations will dwarf Friston village and will be visible from all routes into the village.
The substation complex will permanently blight Friston village, and will be detrimental to Friston residents quality of life and the value of their property, especially closer to the substations to the north of the village.

Construction issues – Roads and country lanes are unsuitable to handle heavy or wide construction traffic. The proposals would be dangerous for other vehicles, cyclists and walkers using the roads.
Noise, dust and light pollution during the build.
Legacy of negative visual impact, potential of anti-social noise and light pollution during operation./span>

Unacceptable flood risk to Friston village and residents homes from surface water proposals.
Destruction of habitat for rare wildlife including 3 species of bat, badgers and barn owls all found at the Friston location.
Longest and most disruptive cable route required 10+ km long and up to 64 metres wide digging up swathes of the AONB.
Loss of amenity, loss of well used footpaths and loss of village allotments.
Digging up and closure of popular coastal footpaths including over a mile of the ‘Sandlings Walk’ between Friston and Coldfair Green.
Possible closure of Thorpeness beach during cable landing.
A precedent would be set that could threaten other towns and villages and the Suffolk we know and love.


Example of wind farm cable route construction.


Energy proposals combined impact Suffolk Coastal map.

SUFFOLK WARNING – Up to 10 projects are proposed for this small area on Suffolk Coast. 

EDF – Sizewell C1 & C2 | Scottish Power – Cable route and substations for EA1N and EA2 wind farms | National Grid Ventures – Nautilus & Eurolink Interconnectors and substations. 

Plus rumours existing wind farms Greater Gabbard & Galloper intend to expand (further destruction of AONB, farmland, heathland, and onshore coastline).
The Crown Estate has also launched round 4 of offshore wind auctions so even more could threaten this area. 

SASES.ORG.UK stands for ‘Substation Action Save East Suffolk’ we are an action group representing the communities in East Suffolk and on the Suffolk Coast. Whilst we all need electricity we should not have to suffer at the hands of big power companies. We aim to fight poor decisions that impact on communities and residents in East Suffolk and we will hold energy companies and government energy policy to account.

We will expose the poor consultation and decision making of Scottish Power Iberdrola. 
We will fight for communities and the sanctity of village life. 
We will stop industrialisation of the countryside  a precedent cannot be made allowing Scottish Power or other energy companies to build substations next to villages or towns within rural locations. The government needs to agree designated locations for this kind of energy infrastructure.  
We will push for joined up thinking and sense on energy policy, we will Save East Suffolk! 

We stand with a united voice, residents in East Suffolk and the Suffolk Coast will not accept this precedent to be set. We will fight to ensure substations are not built in randomly selected locations when there is suitable land closer to Sizewell, nearer to the coast and cable landfall.  The energy companies must work together with EDF (Sizewell Power Station) & Magnox (Sizewell – Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) they must find an acceptable solution that causes less damage to communities and the sensitive environment of the Suffolk Coast AONB.