November 2022 - Consultations for Sealink & Eurolink

National Grid subsidiaries ‘NGET’ & ‘NGV’ launch public consultations for Sealink & Eurolink

National Grid has begun public consultations on two new energy link projects called Sealink and Eurolink.

National Grid says these projects are necessary to improve grid connections in the UK and between the UK & the Netherlands. However National Grid will need to build massive industrial ‘convertor stations to link each project to the grid and run more underground cable routes inland from coast between Thorpeness and Aldeburgh or Sizewell and Dunwich.

2 or more new converter stations would be required in addition to the substation complex proposed to be built to the north of Friston (which does not exist and is currently subject to Judicial Review this November).

National Grid - Convertor Station
Source: National Grid 2022
Power convertor station

Details provided in the consultation documents for Sealink & Eurolink confirm National Grid are looking to build their converter stations on land between Aldeburgh and Knodishall (Hazelwood), land between Knodishall and Friston. Other proposed sites include land near Black Heath corner, land between Saxmundham and Sternfield, as well as land between Leiston and Theberton.

Each converter station will require approximately 14 -15 acres of land (10 professional football pitches), with a series of industrial buildings up to 30 metres high and unsightly external ‘switch gear’ transformers. The aerial image above provides an example of a modern converter station similar to those National Grid propose to build for each project.

Public consultation for Sealink & Eurolink has already begun and we urge you to get involved. The energy proposals here on the Suffolk coast are well and truly out of control. The damage and extent of ‘cumulative impact’ is being ignored by National Grid and energy companies, who are putting profit before local communities and devastation to our local natural environmental along the Suffolk coast.

Who cares about the Suffolk coast? …certainly not National Grid or Scottish Power!

For more information on the energy projects affecting communities and businesses here on the Suffolk coast see the full list – Suffolk Energy Proposals