Phase 3.5 Consultation (EA2 + EA1N Windfarm & Substations)

Please see below the official responses from the local authorities and the parish councils. SASES Action Group has also submitted an individual response to this Phase of expanded consultation with the addition of the Broom Covert site at Sizewell. 

Updated SoCC (Statements of Community Consultation for the EA1N and EA2 projects can be viewed below)
EA1N SoCC Updated Phase 3.5 Consultation Document
EA2 SoCC Updated Phase 3.5 Consultation Document

Official Responses (Councils, Parish Councils...)

SASES Response

SASES EA2 + EA1N Phase 3.5 Official Response >>

SASES believes that a location nearer to the coast and cable landing would be more appropriate and less disruptive overall. However we feel there are many questions and issues that need to be addressed by our local authorities Suffolk CC & East Suffolk, Suffolk Energy Coast Delivery Board, Government Ministers, National Grid and the Energy Companies. The Suffolk Coast urgently requires leadership. Infrastructure and the road network serving the area is incapable of servicing all the new homes being built, let alone, the numerous proposed energy projects, which, all seem to be coming on a piecemeal basis. SASES believes that all options have not been fully explored and that Scottish Power, could and should find a brown field location for this development. 

All that combines to make East Suffolk and the Suffolk Coast an attractive place to live, work, or visit could be destroyed for the sake of fulfilling 1/4 of the UKs’ energy needs. It is questionable if the fragile nature of the Suffolk Coast, the AONB , the small rural town and village communities can really cope with the proposed energy developments, especially as provision of infrastructure (the road & accessibility improvements), seem to always be considered as an afterthought. 


Important Note: Expanded Phase 3.5 Consultation ended on the 12th November. Please ensure you do not submit feedback now as it will not longer be included for consideration.