Key Information regarding Scottish Power EA2 + EA1 North offshore wind farm and onshore substation consultation. Please see the menu below for a breakdown of the consultation, publications and recorded responses to the proposals.

1. ScottishPower Renewables

Scottish Power – contact emails: (Joanna Young – Community Stakeholder Manager Scottish Power) (David Walker – Offshore Development Director) (Lindsay McQuade – CEO Scottish Power Renewables)

Scottish Power EA1N and Scottish Power EA2 portal address

Key publications – links and key documents:

Consultation Flow Chart

Phase 1 Consultation

Phase 2 Consultation

Phase 3 Consultation (16th May – 28th August)
Scottish Power Resources:

Phase 3.5 Consultation (29th September – 12th November)
Scottish Power Resources:

SASES Resources 

Phase 4 Consultation  – Release of PEIR (Preliminary Environmental Impact Report)
Scottish Power Resources:


DCO Submission (Estimated October 29th 2019)

2. The Planning Inspectorate (PINS)

Contact email:

PI Case References: EA1N & EA2  EN010077 , EN010078

National Infrastructure Projects – Helpful Guides
NI Projects – The Application Process

Links to documents specific to EA1N and EA2

  • PI Scoping Opinion EA1N (case reference EN0010078 Inc. Responses from Local Authorities, and Key Stake Holders)  
  • PI Scoping Opinion EA2 (case references EN010077 Inc. Responses from Local Authorities, and Key Stake Holders)

Scottish Power & Planning Inspectorate Meeting Notes
If you read these meeting notes it is hard to see how Scottish Power are held to task in the consultation process. These meetings appear to be a mere feedback process. Issues raised by IP’s (interested parties) are largely unresolved or acted upon. 
05/09/2018 (PINs meeting with Local Authorities)

Planning Inspectorate Examination following DCO submission (Due 2019 / 2020) 

3. Local Authority Representations and Correspondence
Joint Responses East Suffolk (SCDC) & Suffolk County Council

4. Other Stakeholder Representations and Correspondence
Full scoping opinion report includes copies of formal responses from 22 Consultation Bodies to Scottish Power Renewables November 2017 Scoping Report (See: Appendix 2 towards the end of the document.)
Natural England

Nature Conservancy 

Suffolk Preservation Society
2nd July 2018 – Response to EA2 + EA1N Phase 3 Consultation – letter to David Walker (Onshore Development Manager SPR)

National Grid
The Horlock Rules : Substations and the environment guidelines on siting and design
28th June 2018 – National Grid Briefing Nautilus & Eurolink Inter-connectors Sizewell

Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB
28th June 2018 – Letter to Scottish Power Renewables: Post site selection response 
24th October 2018 – AONB Response to Phase 3.5 EA1N + EA2 Consultation 

5. SASES key documents and publication
3rd July 2018 – Letter to Scottish Power Renewables from SASES Action Group
1st August 2018 – Letter to PINs (Planning Inspectorate) regarding SPRs EA2 & EA1N Consultation
14th August 2018 – SASES response to AONB Chairmen’s letter to Ian Mackay SPR
28th August 2018 – SASES response to the end of Phase 3 Consultation (EA2 & EA1N Windfarms)

6. External informationAndre