Secretary of State - To Review Environmental Impact Of Energy Proposals

…LATEST NEWS….George Freeman confirms that Andrea Leadsom – Secretary of State for Business & Energy is committed to review the environmental impact of energy proposals along the Suffolk and Norfolk coasts.

George Freeman MP announced this important development having sent a co-signed letter with Suffolk MP Therese Coffey to Andrea Leadsom (Secretary of State BEIS) in October. 

We hope this development will call into question whether SPR’s DCO applications can proceed in the light of an expected review. Scottish Power’s projects would set the precedent for more of the same along the Suffolk Coast. Now is the time to bring everyone to the table to thrash out how energy projects can be delivered without devastating two fantastic counties coastlines. A review has to look at National Grid’s effectiveness as network operator. National Grid provide the grid connection offers, they are the main contributing factor directing these projects and associated ‘onshore’ infrastructure to specific areas in Suffolk and Norfolk.  

George Freeman’s email announcement is copied below and the full letter sent to Andrea Leadsom at the bottom of the page.  



From: FREEMAN, George
Sent: Tuesday, November 5, 2019 7:52 PM

Subject: Preventing environmental damage from electrical substations and connecting infrastructure


Preventing environmental damage from electrical substations and connecting infrastructure.

I am writing with some good news.

After several years of campaigning with the residents of Necton, Great and Little Dunham, and a number of surrounding villages, to reduce the environmental impact of the electrical sub-station infrastructure from offshore wind, I have managed to secure a commitment from the Secretary of State for Energy to launch a Review into the environmental impact of the proposed network of cables and sub-stations, and in particular the possibility of an Offshore Ring Main as an alternative to multiple onshore cabling and sub-stations. 

I attach a copy of my letter to the Secretary of State which confirms the announcement of the Review. 

This is a hugely important step – which means we will be able (after the Election) to look properly at the overall environmental implications of the offshore and onshore wind infrastructure as a whole. 

I remain 100% committed to fighting for the right outcome for our part of the world – and to make sure that we don’t undermine the benefits of offshore wind energy by embracing an environmentally damaging method of bringing the energy onshore.

Norfolk and Suffolk has some of the most beautiful, valued and recognised wetland and onshore coastal habitats: it would be madness to damage these special environments by bringing renewable energy onshore in an environmentally damaging way. 

Please feel free to circulate this to anybody in Norfolk or Suffolk who you think might be interested to help the campaign for getting the connectivity of onshore energy done properly. 

I look forward to continuing to work on this in the coming weeks months and years.

Thank you for your support with this important work.



GeorgeFreeman MP

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Minister of State(Department for Transport)

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