National Grid Ventures announce public consultations for Nautilus interconnector proposals

NGV Nautilus Interconnector Consultations

14th September 2021
As expected NGV is ploughing ahead with its Nautilus Interconnector Project which it is thought will seek to connect at the new National Grid connection hub being proposed at Friston under the cover of the Scottish Power’s EA1N & EA2 projects.
NGV is starting what it terms an “informal” consultation process with local communities which have already had to endure over more than three years of the Scottish Power consultations, the Sizewell C consultations, the Scottish Power examinations and the ongoing Sizewell C examination. This is the reality of cumulative impact – with the  unacceptable burden on local people and the local environment, serious issues which energy companies are failing to address or even recognise. 
National Grid Ventures is persisting with this project despite there being no cumulative impact assessment provided by Scottish Power in relation to EA1N &  EA2 wind farms and other projects. The NGV proposals must address all the negative impacts these projects will have including:
– multiple landfalls on a fragile coastline with a sensitive ecology.
– multiple cable routes across the Suffolk Coasts and Heaths area of outstanding natural beauty and tranquil rural areas.
– further industrial scale infrastructure in the heart of rural East Suffolk including a “convertor” station covering 12 acres and 25m high.
– further risk to key tourism economy and jobs – Nautlius interconnector project will provide no permanent local jobs.
– yet further construction noise and disruption over an extended period.
The failure to assess cumulative impacts was hotly contested at the Scottish Power examinations and will remain a substantive issue in the BEIS decision. We will not let this issue rest.
NGV is holding a number of consultation events, locations and dates are set out below.
Please try to attend and voice your objections to these proposals & NGV’s intention to connect to a grid hub at Friston (if it is consented). We feel NGV should be made fully aware of the unacceptable manner in which Scottish Power & National Grid have devised this whole scenario. 
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Does Nautilus = This?

NGV - Converter Station

National Grid Ventures have provided no visualisations of the onshore requirements for Nautilus in their accompanying briefing pack. The image of NGV’s Viking Interconnector Converter Station above is published on NGVs website, it highlights the vast industrial infrastructure National Grid are seeking to build in the Suffolk countryside. 

NGV’s proposals seek to piggy back off a Friston connection point (if DCO’s are granted by Kwasi Kwarteng),  Nautilus proposals confirm that National Grid will exploit a Friston connection point with no concern about damage to our fragile coast, the AONB, the communities that live here, or the businesses based here!

Tuesday 28 September
4pm to 8pm
Leiston Community Centre
Wednesday 29 September 
10am to 2pm 
Friston Village Hall
Thursday 30 September 
4pm to 8pm 
Thorpeness Pavilion
Friday 1st October
10am to 2pm 
Saxmundham Market Hall
Thursday 7th October
10am to 12pm 
Community Q&A webinar 1
Tuesday 12th October
6pm  to 8pm 
Community Q&A webinar 2