Friston badger population at Grove Wood thrives during lockdown

Nature enthusiasts in East Suffolk are reporting on nature benefiting from ‘lockdown’. At Grove Wood north of Friston a number of reports have come in that the badger set appears to be showing a lot of activity,  suspected new baby badgers have either been born or could be coming soon. There is a large family of badgers living in ‘the pit’ as it is known to Friston villagers. 

SASES member Mary managed to get some excellent photos of the entrance below. Villagers have persistently challenged Scottish Power on their poor assessment of wildlife and ecology in and around their cable route and preferred substation site at Grove Wood Friston. Scottish Power’s proposals for onshore substations for EA1N & EA2 wind farms at Grove Wood have failed to adequately detail how they propose to deal with wildlife here and all along the cable route. Submitted plans appear to show ‘the pit’ encompassed into the footprint of the massive substation complex. The local community are asking what will happen to our badgers and their young ones? And all the other wildlife including bats, barn owls and skylarks. 

Many people in the local area are extremely concerned, with many residents living in Friston fearing much of what has made the village what it is, is being taken away or destroyed by Scottish Power & National Grid’s plans for what they are calling the Energy Coast.


EA1N and EA2 threaten Suffolk badger sets.