Dismay as Planning Inspectorate announce extension of EA1N & EA2 DCO examinations

STOP Scottish Power no substation at Grove Wood Friston

This is not an April fool’s joke – The Planning Inspectorate has announced an extension of 3 months to Examinations of Scottish Power’s EA1N & EA2 DCO proposals. In an updated Rule 8 letter PINS cited the following reasons as the need for more examination time: 

  • The impact of the Covid-19 restrictions and two national lockdowns on the ability of Interested Parties, Local Authorities and Statutory Bodies to engage effectively in the Examinations;
  • The impact of the Covid-19 restrictions and two national lockdowns on the ability of the Panels and Case Teams to examine the applications fully and produce robust recommendation reports that would enable the SoS to reach decisions within the statutory timescales; and
  • The range, scale and pace of the two simultaneous Examinations during this unprecedented time, leading to a strain on delivery by participants.

The Secretary of State has agreed and The Examinations have now been extended and will close on or before Tuesday 6 July 2021 (SoS letter granting request to extend EA1N & EA2 DCO Examinations)

SASES is saddened that Scottish Power appear to be getting even more time to make little, or no improvement to these DCO proposals. This has come as a shock and very late in the day, as many people thought the end of the examinations was in sight. 

Now we face a summer of more of the same from Scottish Power Renewables. Scottish Power have had ample opportunity to improve the onshore development proposals for these projects. It is starting to feel like Scottish Power are getting more time to waste. If Scottish Power were really serious about causing minimal damage to the Suffolk Coast, our AONB, coastal communities and tourism economy, they would have submitted a thorough Cumulative Impact Assessment and investigated connecting to the grid at a pre-industrialised or brownfield site.


SASES.ORG.UK Article Published: 13:03 April 1, 2021