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Our cause is getting a huge amount of interest in local and national press. We have even billed headline news on ITV Anglia News. 

SEAS - Campaign Voxpops

SEAS Campaign has officially website, focusing on the devastation and destruction the proposed energy projects will have on the Suffolk coast, the AONB, and the businesses and communities here. 

SEAS are calling on all those with influence to do the right thing and achieve a better outcome for our Suffolk coast & AONB.

A few energy sector jobs can not make up for a 25% drop in local tourism revenue, these energy projects could result in the failure of numerous businesses that are currently successful.
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Press & Online News

Energy minister is to launch a review into the impact wind farms have onshore amid claims the countryside is being “concreted over” with substations and cable corridors ….
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10th November 2019 – The Telegraph
Steve Bird

Growing concern voiced over plans for seven major energy projects in part of east Suffolk – and the lack of coordinated policy to deal with the concentration of development…..
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3rd June 2019 – EADT
Richard Cornwell

‘Action group call on Westminster to look at east Suffolk energy plans’..SASES wants a parliamentary ‘select committee’ to begin investigations into the work which is being carried out in coastal parts of Suffolk.
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4th January 2019 – EADT 
Katy Sandalls

“Compensation denied to firms complaining over road closure’ Scottish Power refuses to compensate businesses for 3 days of road closures in Ipswich…
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4th January 2019 – Ipswich Star
Dominic Moffatt

Wind farm projects off Suffolk coast ‘should not be achieved at any cost’, councils warn…
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1st March 2019 – EADT 
Sarah Chambers

How can Suffolk’s nature coast and energy coast co-exist?
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18th December 2018 – EADT 
Ross Bentley

‘Massive impact’ warning after Friston site chosen for huge power substation 
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4th December 2018 – EADT 
Richard Cornwel

Energy firm is ignoring local needs’
Councils launch fierce attack in substation row
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25th August 2018 – EADT 
Dominic Moffett

MP ready to tell minister that 30-acre Power plant is ‘unacceptable’
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5th July 2018 – EADT
Richard Cornwell

Suffolk village chosen for a huge electricity substation – To avoid AONB
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7th July 2018 – EADT
Richard Cornwell

Therese Coffeys column EADT 8th August
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8th August 2018 – EADT 
Therese Coffey

We are really behind green energy but please don’t wreck rural Suffolk beauty
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9th June 2018 – EADT
Fiona Cairns – Suffolk Preservation Society

Huge energy projects could ‘scar’ countryside and cause major disruption 
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28th May 2018 – EADT 
Richard Cornwell

Renewable energy’s good, but don’t mar precious lands.
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20th January 2018 – EADT
Fiona Cairns – Suffolk Preservation Society

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Substation served with noise abatement notice
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5th February 2014 
Mathew beech – utilityweek.co.uk

Substation noise ensures Mark stays sleepless in Tweedbank 
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16th January 2008 
The Southern Reporter

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SASES – Press Release
Energy Scandal Threatens to Devastate East Suffolk Landscape

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3rd January 2019

SASES – Press Release
Scottish Power Windfarm Consultation Condemned 

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11th July 2018
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