1) EA1N & EA2 DCO Hearings (virtual hearings will now take place commencing ……)

The Planning Inspectorate has published a new Rule 6 letter with a timeline and schedule for the Preliminary Meeting and the first Issue Specific Hearings 

Key information about NSIP DCO planning process:
The Application Process >> (information on PINS website)
How to have your say >> (video on PINS website)

2) The BEIS Review – Write to your MP & local councillors about the ‘Offshore Transmission Network Review’ (there is a real opportunity to get necessary action on the hugely damaging,  uncoordinated way offshore wind farms connect to the grid, often requiring miles of onshore cabling and vast industrial substations like those proposed at Grove Wood, Friston).
Offshore energy companies must show responsibility and the government must provide leadership to ensure landscapes, businesses & the needs of local communities are not ignored and irreparably damaged by the likes of National Grid & Scottish Power

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BEIS Offshore Transmission Network Review...


As you know we are concerned to make sure that this Review is meaningful and that a genuine attempt is found to find a more efficient and coordinated onshore solution which is less environmentally and economically damaging to East Suffolk. It could well be less expensive too. There must be better ways to connect to the National Grid, not only for this first wave of energy projects whose onshore infrastructure we already know is planned for this part of East Suffolk, but also longer term given the Government’s desire to massively expand offshore wind energy in the North Sea between now and 2050.

Further given the announcement of the Review it calls into question whether the current Scottish Power / National Grid EA1N & EA2 DCO applications can proceed as they set the precedence of digging up a swathe of the Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB. EA1N & EA2 proposals also set the precedence for developing on greenfield agricultural land in the countryside, with proposals for huge industrial substations just a few 100m north of Friston village….the exact effects on unspoilt landscape the review must consider.

The BEIS announcement acknowledges that there are inefficiencies in the current approach and that they have considerable environmental and local impacts.

How can Scottish Power’s DCO examinations take place when they raise many of the concerns and issues the BEIS review is seeking to address? Uncoordinated projects, unnecessary destruction of protected landscapes, industrial substations on 100s of acres of greenfield land, failure of National Grid and energy companies to co-ordinate to find least damaging solutions to connect offshore wind energy to the grid.

Given recent comments we want to make sure that Therese Coffey MP, Suffolk County Council and East Suffolk Council stand up for their constituents/electors and take a proactive and robust approach so that the Review delivers for the medium/short term not just the long term. The terms of reference of the Review indicate that it will do this.

So please email..

Therese Coffey MP –

Richard Rout – Cabinet Member for Environmental and Public Protection –

Craig Rivett Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Economic Development –

Copying your local county and district councillors: Andrew Reid (, Russ Rainger (, Jocelyn Bond (, TJ Haworth-Culf (

Tell them (in your own words) if the BEIS Review is to mean anything that;

– as a constituent/elector you expect them to leave no stone unturned in proactively and robustly supporting the Review in the medium/short term as well as in the long term

– a more efficient and coordinated onshore solution which is less environmentally and economically damaging must be found

– the current DCO applications should be suspended pending the outcome of the Review as they overlap

Write to the Secretary of State at BEIS

Alok Sharma is the new Secretary of State in change at BEIS. Kwarsi Kwarteng remains in his position as Energy Minister. 

In light of the BEIS Offshore Transmission Network Review it is important to raise your concerns about the energy proposals on the Suffolk Coast. 

In conjunction with writing to your local representatives about the review, you should also raise concerns with Alok Sharma & Kwarsi Kwarteng about ‘the state of energy proposals on the Suffolk Coast’ and the areas ability to cope with current and future energy proposals. 

The key issues include: 

  • Scrutinising of individual NSIP energy proposals (e.g. Scottish Power EA1N & EA2 DCOs) fails to adequately consider the ‘cumulative impact’ of multiple energy projects in pre-planning, planning or at DCO examination stage. 
  • Failure to oversea the actions of National Grid who appear unaccountable when providing connection offers; ignoring AONB status, ignoring the damaging effect their connection offers have on local businesses, the local tourism economy & on the sustainability and local needs of the rural communities who have to live alongside proposed developments. 
  • Lack of foresight from National Grid and government to plan for offshore wind expansion, complete lack of framework and incentives for energy companies to work together.






We want to Save East Suffolk and the Suffolk Coast from an industrial blight, we are up against the power of big energy companies who do not think about people or communities, their only real concern is profit.

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Put up a poster, banner or placard

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