1) EA1N & EA2 DCO Hearings (commence 23rd March 2020)

Download a printable schedule of meeting/hearings released by the examiners here >>

Key information about NSIP DCO planning process:
The Application Process >> (information on PINS website)
How to have your say >> (video on PINS website)

2) Write to Alok Sharma the new Secretary of State at BEIS (see the letter guide below)
Alok Sharma is the new Secretary of State in charge of BEIS (Department For Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy). Whilst Kwasi Kwarteng remains the Energy Minister it is once again vital to voice concerns to government that Scottish Power & National Grid’s proposals will cause permanent damage to the Suffolk Coast AONB, our small rural communities and our tourism industry, essential to the continued success of many local businesses.

(your donations help with printing costs, banners, advertisements and other essentials) 

4) Become an activist, put up a banner or protest poster

5) Follow us, engage with social media campaigns and sign up for our newsletter
#NOSubstationFriston #STOPScottishPower


Write to your local authorities and copy your emails/letter to our MP Therese Coffey and other key stakeholders.
(we have provided a list of recipient emails for you to copy & paste **you can also add any other emails just separate each email address with a “;”

Rt Hon Alok Sharma – Secretary of State BEIS
Kwarsi Kwarteng – Energy Minister


EA1N / EA2 Substations PINS Ref: EN010077 + EN010078 

Dear Secretary of State & Energy Minister, 

New letter guide coming soon…..

Yours Sincerely,


Use the above to guide you. Make your letter your own by including details the personal issues and concerns effecting you.
For example how building work and disruption will impact on your life, your family, your home/community or your business.

email copies of your letters to:
Secretary of State Alok Sharma:
Energy Minister:
Suffolk Coastal MP Therese Coffey:
CEO East Suffolk Council:
(Leader) East Suffolk Council Steve Gallant:
(Deputy) East Suffolk Council Craig Rivett:
East Suffolk Council:
TJ Haworth-Culf East Suffolk Councillor:
Jocelyn Bond East Suffolk Councillor:
Tony Cooper East Suffolk Councillor
(Leader) Suffolk County Council:
Suffolk County Council (David Wood AONB):
(Head of Planning) Suffolk County Council:
(Highways & Infrastructure) Suffolk CountyCouncil:
Andrew Reid Suffolk County Councillor:
Russ Rainger Suffolk County Councillor:
SASES | Action Group:
Simply copy and paste all the emails listed below &…CC them in your email;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;




We want to Save East Suffolk and the Suffolk Coast from an industrial blight, we are up against the power of big energy companies who do not think about people or communities, their only real concern is profit.

– Your donations will help create an online and social media presence.

– Help with campaigning through the distribution of flyers and leaflets.

– Help us to lobby local authorities, MP’s, National Grid, Energy Companies (including Scottish Power, Iberdrola, EDF).




Put up a poster, banner or placard

Download a poster, using the PDF templates below, these are print quality. You can print at A4 size on a home printer.
For professional printing download the A3 or larger A2 version and get them printed on paper, card or waterproof foam / correx board for outdoor placards.
PixartPrinting – will print on correx or foam board from £14.99 per A2 or A3 board use offer code ‘WELCOME’

No Scottish Power Substation in Friston.

A2 Poster – Click the image above, save the pdf file and send it to a commercial printer. 

No Scottish Power Substation in Friston.

A3 Poster – Click the image above and then print or save the pdf file to send to a commercial printer.

A4 Printable Poster - No Scottish Power Substation in Friston Suffolk.

A4 Poster – Print this simple ‘NO SUBSTATION IN FRISTON’ poster on your home printer!