1) Complete Phase 4 Consultation (launches 2019)

2) Write a personal letter to Scottish Power & Key Influencers (scroll down for guide)
Whether you are a permanent resident, holiday home owner, tourist, walker, cyclist or visitor, feedback including your local knowledge, concerns and views is vital. We must act together to protect the Suffolk countryside and our communities from unprecedented industrialisation
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Write to Scottish Power Renewables & Key Influencers (e.g. Local MP, Local authorities, Energy Minister)

Scottish Power Renewables EA2 & EA1N
25 Priestgate

Or email to:;

Include the Planning Inspectorate PINS references at the top of your letter/email: EA1N / EA2 Substations PINS Ref: EN010077 + EN010078

Start your letter along the following lines:
….as a local resident & member of the local community. I would like to register that I am completely against Scottish Powers ‘onshore’ development proposals for EA1N & EA2 wind farm projects. These projects will cause unacceptable damage and disruption to our local communities and Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB (a nationally protected landscape, essential to tourism in the area). Early stage consultation for both projects was poorly managed, communications were inadequate and misleading. Failures in scoping, consultation and discrepancies in RAG methodology at the early stages, resulted in unfair & inconsistent onshore site appraisal. These failures by the developer led to a poor choice of sites for onshore development. Scottish Power also failed to identify or consider a single brownfield option for their permanent onshore development requirements.

Grove Wood, Friston – SPRs proposals to locate onshore substations north of Friston are unacceptable as on the following grounds:

  • Scottish Power has failed to take on board the views & concerns of the residents of Friston and those of the communities along the proposed cable route. SPR have also failed to acknowledge the local authorities and the local MP who have all publicly denounced Grove Wood, Friston as unsuitable & the wrong location for onshore substations.
  • Substations are too big and too close to the small rural village of Friston. The proposed development will be just a few hundred metres from the closest residents homes, there are at least 4 listed buildings within 300 to 350m of substations, including the village church.
  • The proposals if allowed to proceed will set a precedent for industrial scale development in a rural landscape. The local authority classifies Friston as a countryside settlement. Scottish Powers development ‘buffer’ zone is unprecedented when looking at other projects which all embed a buffer zone of at least 500m between substation complexes and residential properties, Scottish Power themselves even applied a 600m buffer around their substations at Bramford. The same should apply at Grove Wood, Friston. 
  • Removal of footpaths/bridal ways – a designated footpath runs right through the proposed substation development site, it is believed this footpath formed part of a medieval pilgrims way linking Orford, Snape & Friston, to Leiston and Dunwich both of which had large abbeys. This would dig up and destroy this amenity of the village and the many walkers who follow the route.   
Wider onshore development ‘Cable Route’
  • SPRs proposals require the longest, most disruptive, cable route with 6 miles of cables dug through the AONB, fields and roads in trenches up to 50 metres wide. The cable route will cross and dig up the nationally renowned ‘Sandlings’ footpath in a number of locations, this is unacceptable.  
  • Construction traffic and proposed access via minor roads and by-ways is too disruptive and poses an unacceptable increase in danger to the lives of locals and visitors (motorists, cyclists, walkers, horse riders etc)
  • Scottish Power have failed to adequately consider the cumulative ‘combined’ impact with other energy proposals (Sizewell C, National Grid, NGV Inter-connectors), all huge industrial projects which could be in construction at the same time.
  • Negative economic benefit locally, onshore development provides ‘0’ full time permanent jobs at substations as they are unmanned and remotely controlled.
  • SPR would not have required additional cable routes or substations had their Bawdsey to Bramford cable route been managed correctly. Further requirement for rural development close to the Suffolk Coast is not acceptable given the Bawdsey to Bramford cable route and substations could and should have accommodated all SPR’s wind farm projects & output. Scottish Power & National Grid must be held to task about this by the Planning Inspectorate.

You can also include your own personal circumstances, comments and arguments that you feel you should make in addressing Scottish Powers Phase 4 Consultation.

Ensure you also email copies of your letter/s to:

BEIS Gov (Greg Clark & Claire Perry):

The Planning Inspectorate:;

Suffolk Coastal MP Therese Coffey:

East Suffolk/Suffolk Coastal District Council:

Suffolk County Council (Head of Planning):

SASES – Action Group:


Simply copy and paste all the additional emails listed below &…CC them in your email;;;;;;;;




We want to Save East Suffolk and the Suffolk Coast from an industrial blight, we are up against the power of big energy companies who do not think about people or communities, their only real concern is profit.

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For professional printing download the A3 or larger A2 version and get them printed on paper, card or waterproof foam / correx board for outdoor placards.
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No Scottish Power Substation in Friston.

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No Scottish Power Substation in Friston.

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A4 Printable Poster - No Scottish Power Substation in Friston Suffolk.

A4 Poster – Print this simple ‘NO SUBSTATION IN FRISTON’ poster on your home printer!

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