1) Prepare for DCO application & hearings (October 2019 onwards)
 Scottish Power have submitted DCO applications for EA1N & EA2 to the Planning Inspectorate, applications were registered on  25th October. PINs have 28 days to decide whether to accept these applications. If PINs accept these applications they will move to the ‘Pre-examination’ phase.
You will then be able at to register on the PINS website as an interested party by making a ‘Relevant Representation’. 
Key information about NSIP DCO planning process:
1/ The Application Process (information on PINS website)
2/ How to have your say (video on PINS website)

2) Write a personal letter to the new Secretary of State at BEIS – Andrea Leadsom
(see the letter guide below)
The SEAS campaign and SASES are trying to get 10,000 letters sent before the 23rd November.
Whether you are a permanent resident, holiday home owner, tourist, walker, cyclist or visitor, feedback including your local knowledge, concerns and views is vital. We must act together to protect the Suffolk Coast and our communities from unprecedented industrialisation by energy. 

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4) Become an activist, put up a banner or protest poster

5) Follow us, engage with social media campaigns and sign up for our newsletter
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Write to BEIS – Secretary of State Andrea Leadsom, key Influencers, MP, local authorities
(use the email addresses provided for you to copy & paste below).

Andrea Leadsom BEIS
1 Victoria Street

PINS ref: EA1N / EA2 Substations PINS Ref: EN010077 + EN010078 

(include the Planning Inspectorate references at the top of your letter/email) Start your letter along the following lines:

Dear Secretary of State & Minister of State,
I am writing to you both to draw your attention to the energy chaos affecting the Suffolk Coast. It is essential that some sense and reasoning is established concerning proposals for up to 7 NSIP energy projects in pre-planning, consultation, or, shortly to apply for a DCO. National Grid appears to have been directing all these projects to the Sizewell/Leiston area, whilst ignoring that the coast here is a designated AONB. These concerns have been highlighted many times by hundreds of people but National Grid the network operator seems complicit in causing maximum damage and destruction by ignoring the protected landscapes, the small vulnerable communities and pursuing the path they have chosen as network operator; one that damages the sustainability and viability of the Suffolk Heritage Coast and its AONB. This coast as a destination, is vital to the success of the tourism industry here, tourism is the biggest employment sector, the coast and tourism supports so many small & medium businesses here. National Grid are surely failing in their remit as network operator in what is increasingly being seen locally as a collaboration with energy companies to exploit and savage the Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB. National Grid and the energy companies are ignoring the clear damage that will be done to tourism, local businesses and the communities that live here.

The energy proposals could include some of Europe’s biggest industrial builds, for example EDF propose to build Sizewell C, within the Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB and Sandlings SSI. In the case of Scottish Power’s EA1N & EA2 cable routes, these will run across the AONB landscape with 60m wide, 10km long cable trenches, en-route to the massive onshore substations they propose to build less than 500 metres from the small village of Friston. It is a struggle to comprehend what is going on!

As a resident/visitor/business owner/ tourist, it is clear that the cumulative effects of numerous energy projects will be too great for such a fragile coastline and its sensitive ecological location which also encompasses the RSPB reserve at Minsmere. If something is not done and fast, National Grid and your government could be responsible for a man-made ecological and localised economic disaster here on the Suffolk Coast. 

Residents, communities and local businesses have called for a thorough investigation and a full assessment and report on the ‘cumulative impact’ that multiple energy developments will have in this relatively confined rural/coastal location; nothing has happened. Scottish Power’s consultation and EDF’s Sizewell C consultation do not adequately assess each other’s proposals, let alone, the impacts of National Grid’s own massive convertor station and National Grid Ventures euro-connectors ‘Nautilus’ & ‘Eurolink’ bringing further concrete and industrial buildings. Please act now to ensure you are not labelled as the ministers, in the government that allowed National Grid and these energy companies to destroy the once beautiful Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB and our peaceful communities living here.

Therese Coffey our MP has, on a number of occasions, called for the National Grid and energy companies to explore brownfield options and locations. Dr Coffey and others have questioned why locations like Bradwell in Essex or other brownfield sites have not been upgraded and used.

– Why was Scottish Power not forced to connect these projects EA1N & EA2 at Bramford as originally planned?
– Why did Scottish Power not consider a single brownfield site?
– Why is National Grid not investing in existing gird infrastructure at Bradwell and other similar locations that are not AONB or protected landscapes? 

– How can this be allowed to happen without any form of alternative being explored like an ‘offshore ring main’ or developing brownfield locations? 
– Why destroy an AONB and greenfield sites here in Suffolk?
– Who polices the decisions and actions of National Grid?
– Why are the cumulative impacts not being assessed and acted upon now with 7 projects muted?

National Grid make billions in annual profit but they are not investing in old redundant brownfield sites, they are complicit by encouraging Scottish Power and other energy companies to join them in systematic destruction of the Suffolk AONB and surrounding countryside.

Yours Sincerely, 


Feel free to use the above to guide you. Make your letter your own by including how numerous local energy projects, building work and disruption will impact on your life, your family, your home/community and your business.    

Ensure you email copies of your letter/s to:

BEIS Andrea Leadsom:
 BEIS Kwasi Kwarteng:
The Planning Inspectorate:;
Suffolk Coastal MP Therese Coffey:
East Suffolk Council:
Suffolk County Council (Head of Planning): 

Suffolk County Council (Growth, Highways & Infrastructure): 
SASES – Action Group: 

Simply copy and paste all the emails listed below &…CC them in your email;;;;;;;;




We want to Save East Suffolk and the Suffolk Coast from an industrial blight, we are up against the power of big energy companies who do not think about people or communities, their only real concern is profit.

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– Help us to lobby local authorities, MP’s, National Grid, Energy Companies (including Scottish Power, Iberdrola, EDF).




Put up a poster, banner or placard

Download a poster, using the PDF templates below, these are print quality. You can print at A4 size on a home printer.
For professional printing download the A3 or larger A2 version and get them printed on paper, card or waterproof foam / correx board for outdoor placards.
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No Scottish Power Substation in Friston.

A2 Poster – Click the image above, save the pdf file and send it to a commercial printer. 

No Scottish Power Substation in Friston.

A3 Poster – Click the image above and then print or save the pdf file to send to a commercial printer.

A4 Printable Poster - No Scottish Power Substation in Friston Suffolk.

A4 Poster – Print this simple ‘NO SUBSTATION IN FRISTON’ poster on your home printer!